Why Choose Finishline

We Care

We are an employee owned small business, and we’d like to keep it that way! Each and every project we complete gets the attention and review it deserves throughout the project. May it be drawing and engineering document review by one of our certified welding inspectors during the bid process, our mandatory “pre-flight” equipment inspection our welders do prior to leaving the shop, or the overall involvement the owner Erik Irvine has assuring the customer is receiving what they expected, we don’t just say these things we have them built into our daily work through checklists and our company culture. Don’t just believe us, please read through the reviews our customers have left.

Finishline Weld

Attention to Detail

With our company’s diverse background, we are capable of identifying opportunities and problems long before resolution is required. Welding process selection starts the minute one of our CWIs starts the engineering drawing reviews during the bidding process. Factors including accessibility, joint configuration, environmental considerations, and weld deposition rate are all considered and recorded under the job file.

Prior to the “pre-flight inspection”, the assigned CWI reviews the contract documents, job site location via Google Maps 3D, and any additional requirements unique to the customer with the assigned welding crew. This allows for true prep to occur including necessary lengths of leads, specialized equipment and the selected welding process equipment.

Once the welding crew leaves for the job, the assigned CWI is on-call 24 hours/day to answer technical, drawing, engineering, and job specific questions for the welding crew and customer. The CWI remains as the Single Point of Contact throughout the entire project up to and including providing the customer with job closeout paperwork.


Feedback is the life blood of attention to detail. As mentioned above, the owner Erik Irvine believes in continuous improvement. Attention to detail doesn’t happen overnight, and Erik follows up with each and every customer to modify and tweak our business model whenever the customer can provide recommendations.


Quality is not measured by drawing and code compliance. Quality is not measured by how quick the job gets done, or by how close the invoice was to the original bid. Quality is the full package! Meeting all of the requirements, providing value to the customer, and leaving a quality product at the jobsite is our specialty.

Finishline Weld