TIA Inspections & Minor Maintenance

FinishLine’s staff of inspectors are trained and experienced in performing TIA and other periodic inspections of towers and associated equipment. Our inspectors are capable of performing, and accurately reporting the following:


  • Structural Integrity
  • Bolting and hardware conditions and torque
  • Safety system detailed inspections
  • Plumb of tower
  • Guyed wire tension and condition
  • Condition of coatings
  • Condition of mechanical equipment including backup generators, compounds, and support equipment
Finishline Certified Welding Inspections

Minor maintenance including:

  • Hardware tightening and torqueing
  • Plumb adjustment
  • Guyed wire tensioning including twist & plumb
  • Tightening and repairing safety climb systems
  • Repair/Replacement of structural components (i.e cross bracing, equipment brackets etc.)
Finishline Certified Welding Minor Maintenance