Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Project Documents and governing codes often required Non-Destructive Testing of critical welds in addition to the standard visual inspection by a CWI. Most of FinishLine’s CWIs are also certified NDT examiners which allow us to complete the additional testing with minimal impact to your projects schedule and cost. FinishLine maintains a Non-Destructive Testing program in accordance with ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, 2011 Edition. FinishLine’s personnel qualification and certification is managed through their internal written practice and is periodically reviewed by the companies ASNT Level III. FinishLine currently maintains certified Level II examiners and approved operating procedures for the following methods:

Surface Examination

PT – Liquid Penetrant Examination Visible Water-washable (Type II Method A)
PT – Liquid Penetrant Examination Visible Solvent removable (Type II Method C)
MT – Magnetic Particle Examination Dry Powder Visible

Volumetric Examination

Currently in process of developing UT methods, can support current projects with an experienced subcontractor as-needed.