Certified Welding Inspection (CWI)

Our team of three CWIs apply a combined 48 years in engineering, welder/procedure qualification, weld inspection, and time under the hood as certified welders producing quality welds. Each come from a different background giving Finsihline a diverse team when the project demands it. With 48 years of experience, they understand the field limitations and are capable of troubleshooting problems from incorrect welding callouts on the drawing to environmental conditions impacting the completion of welding. Each field or shop project is assigned a CWI, who is available to the customer and welder during the project 24 hours/day through a dedicated phone number. This allow information to be provided and problems to be solved real-time keeping your project on schedule.

FinishLine can provide a complete welding package including base material prep, welding, and any required CWI inspections and NDT surface exams as well as support functions including fire watch, and water delivery services when requested.

While on-site welding is being performed, the customer (and welder) has 24hr access via a dedicated phone to an assigned CWI to answer welding, engineering, drawing, and contract questions and guidance free of charge.

Certified welders and certified inspection personnel are tower safety & rescue trained by a Safety One Inc. in conformance with OSHA, ANSI, and NATE guidelines.

FinishLine certified welding performs equipment inspections and verifies condition of climbing and safety gear BEFORE they leave the shop, assuring You don’t pay for or preparation.

FinishLine maintains a 2 million dollar General liability policy, available for review upon request

Erik Irvine; the owner, believes an educated work force is a profitable workforce. When you team with FinishLine you get a company that values education, and continues improvement. Our welders are constantly being counseled by the CWI on what the he is looking for and the Code basis for it. Our CWIs and NDT Personnel are constantly being counseled on what the engineer/owner is looking for. The goal at FinishLine is for each team member to not only know what they are doing it, but to know why they are doing it.