Finishline Certified Welding
Above: 2018 FinishLine climber and rescue certification class


FinishLine’s Management Team understands that you are only as good as your last job, and that producing quality mechanical and welding services is a never-ending effort. We have invested, and continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into our welding equipment, tools, and support programs to assure our crews have what they need when they need it. Pair that with an educated work force, an aggressive initial training and continuing training program, and a strong support staff in the office, and you have the ingredients to create industry leading quality.

FinishLine Racing
Above: 2019 FinishLine Racing team the night before Best in the Desert: Parker 425.


CEO, Erik Irvine started his own welding company in high school to help his friends, and friends of friends modify their vehicles for off-roading. Millions of welds, thousands of customers, and what feels like hundreds of years later Erik continues his passion for welding.

Through the journey Erik has obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University, performed roles as a nuclear design engineer, field engineer, certified welding inspector, non-destructive testing examiner, certified climber, and as CEO of FinishLine Certified Welding.

Today FinishLine relies on Erik’s broad experience in the wireless and utilities industry, but has a team to help him manage, perform, and problem-solve some of the hardest mechanical and welding projects in the industry. Just like in a desert race “Never Quit” is the phrase that gets you to the FinishLine.


FinishLine succeeds with technically challenging and difficult welding and mechanical projects. As we continue to provide high quality mechanical and welding services in the wireless and utilities industries, we are constantly looking for new challenges.


We believe that you are a product of your environment. Almost all of us learned to weld and fabricate from someone a few decades older then us, who took the time and had the patience to show us how. We try to do the same at every opportunity we have. We contribute to the welding program at Palomar Community College, we hire interns from San Diego State University, and we donate time and equipment to Fallbrook High School. If you are a student, teacher, professor, or someone in a position to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we may join the team. Thanks!

Certified Welding Giving Back
Above: Erik standing proud with the senior class of 2018 at Fallbrook High School’s weld shop after doing a presentation and Q&A of cell tower welding and the welding industry in general.