All welders and inspectors are certified climbers through a NATE approved organization

All welders are certified to AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code

Work performed is covered under FinishLine’s $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy

Our state of the art equipment and competent crews are ready for your next job


Turnkey Projects

Combine any of our services along with our internal project management capabilities and let us handle your entire project from start to finish.

Certified Welding

FinishLine Certified Welding

Using the latest technology, FinishLine provides certified structural steel and aluminum welding services. FinishLine provides shop fabrication and welding services in addition to field construction, modification, and repair services

CWI Inspections

Certified Welding

Applying a combined 48 years of inspection and engineering experience, our CWIs provide value to your project every step of the way. Our CWIs are the core of our business, they don’t just inspect welds, they assure the job is done correctly, efficiently, and in accordance with contract documents and governing welding codes.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


FinishLine’s in-house NDT services including surface and volumetric examination provides our customers with seamless project completion. No more drawing or inspection disputes, no more unnecessary rework.

TIA Inspections & Minor Maintenance

FinishLine Certified Welding - Inspections

FinishLine’s staff of inspectors are trained and experienced in performing TIA and other periodic inspections of towers and associated equipment.

FinisLine Certified Welding

Finishline provides high quality elevated welding and inspection services to the South Western United States. We accomplish this by using the latest welding technology and an educated work force to assure the project is completed efficiently, mechanically sound, and economically superior.

We are an employee owned small business, and we’d like to keep it that way! Each and every project we complete gets the attention and review it deserves throughout the project. May it be drawing and engineering document review by one of our certified welding inspectors during the bid process, our mandatory “pre-flight” equipment inspection our welders do prior to leaving the shop, or the overall involvement the owner Erik Irvine has assuring the customer is receiving what they expected.

We don’t just say these things we have them built into our daily work through checklists and our company culture. Don’t just believe us, please read through the reviews our customers have left.

Some of the advantages of working with us:

● All employees are certified climbers
● All employees are enrolled in a 3rd party drug testing program
● All welders are certified to AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code
● All Inspectors maintain an active American Welding Society CWI
● All Examiners are certified ASNT-TC-1A Level II in their assigned NDT method
● Finishline carries a $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy


What Our Clients Think About Us

“It is a pleasure working with Erik on even the most difficult projects, he is flexible and always willing to assist in doing what it takes to get the project completed and keep it on schedule.”

Alex Arpin

President/CEO, Galvanized Endeavors, LLC - (719) 632-6727 Office

“FinishLine Certified Welding is our favorite sub-contractor. They follow through with all of their commitments and make us look good to our customers on a consistent basis. Erik’s technical knowledge has not only saved us money more than once, but has improved the products we provide to our customers, creating a true value for all involved.”

Dustin Reno

CEO, Iron Sights Inc. - (760) 207-9791

“FinishLine Certified Welding to the Rescue!”

“We were on a cell tower modification job in Southern California. Our welder had a family emergency and had to leave the job two days after we arrived. We had a deadline ahead of us and no one to weld. I tried not to panic. But it was a bit daunting until I talked to Erik Irvine with FinishLine Certified Welding. Erik to the rescue! He had his welders onsite within a day. Erik even took his turn on the tower. He and his team worked tirelessly alongside our crew until the job was complete. And even after the work day was over, Erik took the time each evening to provide me with a status. I was not surprised when we passed our CWI with flying colors. It’s exactly what I expected. These guys are the real deal. Professional. Dependable. Reasonable.”

Christy Hall

Project Manager, Texoma Contracting, Inc. - (918) 682-1435


Please give us a call at (760) 271-6364 to see how we can help get your next project to the Finish Line, or feel free to browse our pages to find out more about our company and the welding services we provide.

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